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South African Tour 1998

Tour dates | Musicians | Set lists & Reviews | TV documentary

Rod in SA Rod in SA

Tour Dates

March 6 Velodrome, Bellville, Cape Town
March 7 Velodrome, Bellville, Cape Town
March 9 Standard Bank Arena, Johnannesburg
March 10 Standard Bank Arena, Johnannesburg
March 11 Carousel, Pretoria
March 13 Village Green, Durban


Sixto Rodriguez: Vocals, acoustic guitar
Willem Möller: Electric Guitar
Russel Taylor: Keyboards
Reuben Samuels: Drums, percussion
Graeme Currie: Electric bass, acoustic bass
Tonia Selley: Background vocals, percussion

Set lists & Reviews

To see which songs were NOT performed on this tour go here.

See the Tour Diary for a day-by-day account of this successful tour.

Dead Men Don't Tour
Rodriguez in South Africa 1998
(TV Documentary)

Tonia Selley directed a wonderful documentary of the South African tour. It was broadcast on SABC 3 at 9.30pm on the 5th July 2001 just after 'Ripley's Believe Or Not' (yes, really!). The Forum web board was flooded with messages for the next few days.

This video is awesome! Wonderful concert footage, backstage antics, interviews with Craig and Sugar, Rodriguez and his family, the promoters, the fans and the musicians.

All live footage was filmed at the concerts in Pretoria, Durban and the Blues Room in Johannesburg.

The soundtrack for the documentary is based on the Live Fact CD with video collages from the various performances. The concert footage is linked with interviews, backstage antics, rehearsals, etc.

  1. I Wonder
    from Cold Fact
  2. Inner City Blues
    from Cold Fact
  3. Jane S. Piddy
    from Cold Fact
  4. Sugar Man
    from Cold Fact
  5. A Most Disgusting Song
    from Coming From Reality / After The Fact
  6. Like Janis
    from Cold Fact
  7. Establishment Blues
    from Cold Fact
  8. Climb Up On My Music
    from Coming From Reality / After The Fact
  9. I Wonder by Generation EXT
    filmed during the studio recording
  10. Forget It
    from Cold Fact

Produced by Incha Productions
Executive producers: Georgina Parkin and Charles Watson
Directed by Tonia Selley
Edited by Cathy Winter

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South Africa 1998

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Tour dates

6th March
7th March
9th March
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