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"...a night to remember..."

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11th March
The Carousel

The Set List

  1. I Wonder
  2. Only Good For Conversation
  3. Can't Get Away
  4. Crucify Your Mind
  5. Jane S. Piddy
  6. To Whom It May Concern
  7. Like Janis
  8. Inner City Blues
  9. Street Boy
  10. A Most Disgusting Song
  11. Halfway Up The Stairs
  12. I Think Of You
  13. Rich Folks Hoax
  14. Climb Up On My Music

  15. Sugar Man
  16. Establishment Blues
  17. Forget It

A Night To Remember
Review by Michelle (Micci) de Clerqc

You ain't seen nothing yet… Rodriguez is NOT dead…he is very much alive and still the same inspiring poet he always was. On the 11th of March the man himself performed at the Carousel just outside of Pretoria - he is a brilliant artist and a humble man. Rodriguez, alive and performing in South Africa ? I cried when I heard this over the radio. I was broke and I HAD to see the show. So, I climbed on my phone and spoke to my mother, she and my sister decided that since it was so close to my birthday, they would buy me the tickets. This brought the smile back to my face.. So there I was on the 11th of March, broken ankle and all, on my way to the Carousel. Upon arrival, there was this huge tent and I thought that that's gotta be it. When I went inside I was pleasantly surprised by the huge amount of people that were waiting for their "Sugarman". There were people from all ages, even a little girl who sat right in front of me - I think she was 10 years old, next to her was a guy of about 55 and there I was, 22 going on 23, waiting for a life long hero.

Rodriguez walked onto stage and started singing "I Wonder", the crowd went wild! It looked like it was so easy for him to sing, it was so natural, as if he just opened his mouth and the words flowed out like a calming river over his fans. Everyone jumped to their feet and cheered harder and with more feeling than they would for their favourite rugby team. He just smiled and kept on singing. Some of the people screamed, others just sat mesmerized, captivated by the words, the music and the man. Between songs his name was called like a mantra, no one was quiet; he gave all the credit to the band.

He bent down to touch the audience, as if to make sure that they were real. The songs were known off by heart by the audience and most of them sang along to old favourites like "Sugar Man", "Like Janis" and "I Wonder". He had captivated everyone with his down to earth manner and honesty. It was a night to remember and memory I will treasure forever.

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