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The A side of the 2010 single features a recording of “Inner City Blues” performed on the streets of Paris. The B side is a cover of Frank Sinatra’s “I’m Gonna Live Till I Die” recorded during his date at The Triple Door in Seattle.

Brian Currin, 2010

Info on USA 3 single releases from Tim Forster, January 2001. Info on Brazilian single from Weber, June 1998. Info on Australian singles from Jeff Smith, December 2001 and Peter Millen, October 2012. Info on 2002 single from John Samson, March 2002. Info on LITA single from Light In The Attic.

On the cover of the 1991 South African CD re-issue of Cold Fact is a "flash" with these words:"featuring the hits I Wonder, Sugar Man and Inner City Blues". To the best of my knowledge these tracks were never actually released as singles in South Africa.


Sugar Man / Inner City Blues (A&M, Sussex AM 45.031) 1972 (Italy) Inner City Blues - supplied by Michael Balka, March 2007 To Whom It May Concern I Think Of You Sugar Man Inner City Blues Climb Up On My Music To Whom It May Concern Inner City Blues (live 2009)/ I'm Gonna Live Till I Die (live 2009) (LITA 45-018) 2010 (US)


Additional info:

Rod Riguez could make a name for himself with this bluesy, mid-tempo rock ballad. Keep it in sight. Flip: "You'd Like To Admit It".

Cash Box, September 23, 1967

These 2 songs were released as a single in 1967 and credited to Rod Riguez. The lyrics for 'You'd Like To Admit It' were transcribed by Glenn Coggin in January 2005.

Both songs are available as bonus tracks on the digital download release of Cold Fact by Light In The Attic Records.

The 1967 version of I'll Slip Away was released on The Best Of Impact Records CD (Collectables COL-5883) in November 1997. Also released as a bonus track on Sugar Man: The Best Of Rodriguez (South Africa) in September 2005.

The 1967 single features more upfront Byrds-type jangly guitar, vocal harmonies and a subdued organ in the background, when compared to the early 70's version. The strings that are so prominent on the later version are absent on the 1967 version.

Brian Currin
I'll Slip Away was re-recorded in 1972/73 and released on the Australian At His Best album. It is available on the 2009 re-issue of Coming From Reality and the Searching For Sugar Man soundtrack.

I'll Slip Away: As far as the Rodriguez Impact single, "I'll Slip Away" is concerned,I would highly suspect that both sides of that single were probably recorded at Terra Shirma Studios, since most of all of the later Impact records were recorded there. But it is possible that it may have been recorded at United Sound Studios in Detroit, since Harry Balk recorded many of his artists there as well.

The "B" side of the Impact 45, "I'll Slip Away" is a song titled, "You'd Like To Admit It". Both sides were produced by Harry Balk (the owner of Impact). To my knowledge, the record was only issued as a "promotional" 45, and not sold commercially to the public (see note below). The record is "near-impossible" to find, due to the fact that few copies were pressed, and Impact records went out of business shortly after the record was released. By the way, the song, "You'd Like To Admit It" was also written by Rodriguez.

I'm afraid that I can't help you out with the lyrics to the song ( read them here),"You'd Like To Admit It", because I don't own a copy of the single. In my many years of collecting records, I have only seen ONE copy of that record for sale, and it was much too expensive for me to buy. (IT WAS ABOUT $175.00 U.S. DOLLARS!)...

Jerry Schollenberger, "Best of Impact Records" CD producer, May 1999

Read some more comments from Jerry Schollenberger

Read Tim Forster's article about these Impact releases.

I can confirm that a regular (NOT a promo) release of Impact #1031 does exist. A speculation to the contrary exists on your Sixto R. page. Thanx for the info on this artist that you supplied; you have added to my enjoyment of record collecting, and listening.

Steve Jones, Canada, August 2003

Impact-era Rodriguez compositions:

I Think Of You / To Whom It May Concern

(A&M 7SX-1008), 1972 (Brazil)

single released in Brazil only and both sides played on local radio.

My name is Weber and I'm impressed to find something about Rodriguez onthe Net. I live in Brazil, where the song 'I Think Of You' was a success.I didn't know that he's got other albums, I only got 'Coming From Reality'.Here in my place the music 'I Think Of You' played several times on the radiostations in 1972 & 73. About that year I purchased the single 'I ThinkOf You/ To Whom It May Concern'. The B-side played too on the radio. Igot the LP 'Coming From Reality' but I get this years after the single.

Weber, Brazil, June 1998