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His music is difficult to categorise as it fuses elements of Rock, Folk, Jazz, Soul, Blues and even Classical flourishes. Rodriguez is a singer-songwriter in the social commentary style of Bob Dylan, with the feel of the old Blues masters and even touches of Rock and Roll. Rodriguez says he loves the Rolling Stones and Jimmy Reed (an old blues singer, best known for songs like Big Boss Man and Bright Lights, Big City). He is also a big fan of the Australian supergroup Midnight Oil with whom he toured in 1981.

My inspiration comes from the environment and personal angst...each song is written to a theme...
- Rodriguez, March 1998
I've always concentrated on social issues, because I've always found it easiest to write about things that upset me. But I can (and have) explored the boy-girl theme in music and I enjoy writing ballads too.
- Rodriguez, March 1998

His sound is timeless and doesn't still sounds fresh today. This timeless appeal was evident on the SA tours, in March 1998 and September 2001, when the audience at the sold-out concerts included everyone from young children to over-the-hill burnt-out hippies!

It's really great to know that there are so many fans out there. I'm only 14 but Rodriguez is just so mellow and laid-back and even in 1998 it means something to me.
- Jason, May 1998
His lyrics are haunting and very relevant.. even today. I always maintained that he was years before his time.. his music is timeless... my son of 19 enjoys his music, as do other youngsters.
- Jeanine, February 1998
Amazingly, he has a following amongst '90s kids, no doubt fuelled by the popularity of music and fashion of that decade.
- Guy Willoughby, March 1998

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