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Advice To Smokey Robinson

Transcribed by Glenn Coggin

This song was written by Rodriguez but never recorded by him. Released by Family Dogg in 1972.

Intro – Bb, Cm, Eb, F                                       (see notes below for easier chords)

Bb                    Cm                   Eb  F
Early Sunday morning, 'bout 5.15
   Bb                  Cm                   Eb     F
I met Smokey Robinson at an inner scene
      Bb                   Cm                 Eb                             F
He really looked awful, when I asked him what was wrong
             Bb               Cm      Eb                  Bb
He said Rowland, oh, my woman she is gone
       Eb                  Bb
My woman she is gone

I said I was sorry, not to take it like that
I was sure things would work out, I was sure she’d come back
He said, this love of mine I know can never be
But she told me these cold words as she left me

But tell me the reason 'cos I gotta know
Why you never get hassled, you never seem low
Just give me the answer 'cos I’m feeling bad
Down hearted, discarded and terribly sad

(spoken) - And this is the advice  

Bb                                Cm     Eb        F
Now if the sun don’t shine, I won’t bother
          Bb                  Cm                 Eb             F
If the girl ain’t got time, then I’ll find me another
  Bb                          Cm                 Eb                F
I won’t let nothing throw me, it’s just another day
        Bb            Cm              Eb                   F          Bb, Eb, Eb, D, Cm, Bb (run – as in Tracks of my Tears)
And if I worry it won’t be alright, mmm, anyway

Now Smokey got up and he rushed outside
An angry agent there claimed I’d injured his pride
But since then they’ve seen the Smokey I know
With his head held up high and his smile all a-glow

       Bb                     Cm                        Eb                      F
His new love volunteered that he had asked her yesterday
                    Bb                 Cm                          Eb                Bb
And he was singing this strange song, in his own special way

Chorus x 3 to fade

Notes: This is as The Family Dogg played it, as Rodriguez hasn’t recorded it (yet?!). It’s easier to play if you put a capo on the 3rd fret and change the B for a G, Cm for an Am, Eb for a C and F for a D.

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